Tanvi Nanda Yash A Khatri

Marketing And Technology Wizard! Yash Is The Best!

Yash has been the best combination of smart work and hard work. He has always been dedicated to his studies and courses. He is a very knowledgeable person and keeps exploring everything he does. He is very kind and helpful when it comes to teamwork. I highly recommend him and his services to anyone.

Shital (Desale) Gujarathi

Quick Learner And Quick Thinker! Loved mentoring Yash

Yash is an amazing person and a very fast learner. As my student, I could see his eagerness to learn and experiment with new things. He has his own way of looking at situations and then finding opportunities to grow out of them. I am sure that he will turn out to become a great entrepreneur and a notable personality. …

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Yash A Khatri Vinit Devnani

Yash Is An Absolute Pleasure To Work With

I’ve known Yash A Khatri since our time in college. He’s responsible, dependable and extremely resourceful. His quick thinking and willingness to try new things and unique ideas make him an amazing asset to have on any team. I’ve loved working with Yash in the past and would definitely want to work together in the future.

Yash Khatri Testimony 8

Mentor and Friend I look up to

Yash is an Amazing marketer, he has been a constant mentor in my career. Also, his digital marketing skills are excellent.

Yash Khatri Testimony 7

A Good Marketer, A Great Friend

Yash is a proactive individual with amazing knowledge of Marketing, especially digital marketing. I can wholeheartedly recommend his services to anyone who needs them.

Yash Khatri Testimony 6

A Marketer I look up to, I friend I reach out to

Yash is great at managing whatever stone is thrown at him. No matter how hard the challenge he knows how to mould it to his benefit. His marketing (especially online) talent is a testimony of how well he puts himself out there. A great leader picks others up on the way, he is a kind mentor and an even better …

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Yash Khatri Testimony 5

An Excellent Online Marketer

A proactive professional with an eye for detail makes Yash stand out in this community. If you’re looking to partner with a responsible and meticulous marketing professional then I highly recommend Yash.

Yash Khatri Testimony 4

Haven’t Seen A Sharper Marketing Mind Than Yash’s

Yash is a very proactive leader, he worked tirelessly when we worked on projects together. His marketing skills are second to none and he is very clear about how he needs to implement projects. I will personally recommend him to anyone who is looking for help regarding their online strategy. Highly recommended!

Yash Khatri Testimony 3

Content Strategy Expert

I was quite amazed by the level of professionalism and competence when I received a mail with detailed analysis for a piece of writing I had sent to Yash for a casual review. He has in-depth knowledge about content and the many ways and means one can use to improve & monetize it. If you are someone who has a …

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Yash Khatri Testimony 1

Love Working With Yash

I rarely come across real talents who stand out like Yash. I had the pleasure of working with Yash for over half year collaborating on several projects. Yash’s ability to handle multiple tasks and projects was unlike any I’ve seen before and his management skills ensured a drastic increase in the overall success for our projects and their respective brands. …

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