Work From Home – Advice From A Veteran Freelancer

Is this your first time working from home? Are you looking for some work from home advice? The sudden change in environment messing with your productivity? Here are some tips from a long time freelancer to help you in this transitioning period.  Due to the recent outbreak, a lot of traditional businesses are asking their employees to work from home.  …

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How to Spot a Unicorn Content Creator

“Content” is the buzzword every startup wants to be associated with but finding someone who’s genuinely good at creating and planning content is no easy task. In this writeup today we will be taking a look at how to spot a great content writer and creator, a Unicorn of sorts to help your business grow.   Writers are a dime …

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Are You Destroying Your Personal Brand?

Personal Brand

It takes a very long time to establish a brand. It takes a longer time to establish a personal brand. Are you destroying your personal brand without even realizing it? The answer may surprise you. [click_to_tweet tweet=”Are you Destroying your #Personalbrand ?” quote=”You do not own any asset stronger and more valuable than your personal brand. “] This is the truth …

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What is Branding and Why You Should Brand?


You must have heard the term ‘Brand’ and Branding thrown around quite a lot if you are from the corporate world but what does it exactly entail? Welcome to where we take a look at concepts of branding and marketing on a regular basis, so stick around and read on to see what is branding and why You should …

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