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The Best Free ways To Lookup A Phone Number

In the 21st century, Technology is the glue that binds us together.  One of the biggest and widely used pieces of technology is our cell phone which has turned from being just a device that allowed people to talk to each other into a complete and total personal computer which helps us accomplish most of our daily tasks.  

The basic function of a cell phone is still intact and every day you may be getting a lot of calls but some of them may be unknown to you, in this scenario what do you do? In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can look up unknown numbers and know if the person calling you is an old acquaintance, a Telecaller or a robocaller.

We will be taking a look at the list of some of the best ways to look up a phone number and without further ado let us take a look at the first way.

Way 1 – Google

Google is the best friend anyone could ever ask for. It is always there for you whenever you need them, knows almost everything and is always willing to search for whatever you ask of it. So the first and the most obvious way to look up a phone number is by just googling it. Many times the unknown number that called you is a small business trying to connect with you maybe to help you out and most of the times they are registered on google. This method may or may not be successful for you and is a Hit or Miss in most cases

Success Rate – Less Than 5%

Way 2 – Leveraging the Power of Social Media

Everyone is on social media. It is a fact. Even the most Anti-social people use some form of social media for either entertainment or networking and your next step should be to scour the interwebs to find the number through social media. Facebook can act as a great tool to gather information as it boasts over a billion active users on a monthly basis. Search for the number that called you on Facebook or Linkedin as these will be the best options to find out a phone number.

Success Rate Less Than 10%

Way 3 – Using a Reverse phone lookup service.

A Reverse phone lookup service is a great way to figure who has called you. Services such as National Cellular Directory boast of a large database of essentially everyone under the sun and allows you to search for whoever it is that called you. They offer information such as the name associated with the number, any addresses there may be associated with the number, a photo if it is available, any social media links and even family history if any is available. All of this for a very small fee.

However, they run a daily happy hour where for an hour every day you can look up numbers for absolutely no cost and I highly recommend doing this to figure out who called.

Success Rate – More Than 90%

Way 4 – Try a People Search Engine

A People Search Engine such as “Pipl” can help you find the person by name, number, email ID or username. Linkedin is another people search engine that allows you to search for people with a given phone number. If a user on LinkedIn has made their number public then you can easily search for it on the platform.

Success rate Less Than 50%

Way 5 – Use a third Party cell phone lookup application

Many third party cell phone lookup applications exist in the play store as well as the app store, these apps can help you track who called, block the number, enable spam filters and much more. The apps we recommend are

  1. Hiya

    Hiya is a very minimal and lightweight app developed for Android and iOS devices which offers functionality such as Reverse phone lookup, spam blocking, unknown number identification etc. The app is perfect for people with older devices as it does not require a lot of power to run the app. The best part about the app is that it is completely free and does not have intrusive advertisements. We definitely recommend you to try this out.

  2. TrueCaller
    If you have been a long time smartphone user you are bound to have crossed paths with Trucaller. It is one of the most famous cellphone lookup application out there. It too like Hiya offer functionality such as reverse call lookup, spam elimination, call blocking and unknown number identification. The application is fairly resource intensive and hence stutters on the lower end and older devices and that is a downside to using it.

    Do go through the privacy agreement before signing up for Truecaller as it is one of the most intrusive in the business and requires you to give up a lot of personal data.

Success Rate More Than 80%

Way 6 – Using Phone Directories

If you have exhausted all the ways above then the only option is to go old school. Look into a physical phone directory or yellow pages, the chances of you finding a number and name in there is slim but it isn’t impossible. Since a phonebook mostly houses landline numbers you will only be able to find numbers registered to businesses.

Success Rate Less Than 60%

So this was our guide on some of the top free ways to look up a phone number, we hope this guide helped you in finding the number which you have been looking for. If you have any question or comments feel free to drop them in the comments below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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