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T-mobile Rolls Out New Spam Protection Service

T-Mobile has recently rolled out their new spam protection service nationwide. This new service is called “Caller Verified” and it is developed to safeguard the subscribers of T-Mobile from spammers and scammers who try to spoof real contact numbers in a bid to scam you. This kind of scams are very rampant especially in the rural areas and by rolling out this service T-Mobiles hopes to reduce these kinds of common scams to a minimum.

The new service uses standards and protocols such as SHAKEN and STIR which are put in place to end illegal caller ID spoofing. Currently, the implementation is limited to only one device on T-Mobile’s network the Samsung Galaxy Note 9

A tag saying “Caller Verified” will show up when an unknown number calls you on your Samsung Galaxy Note 9 on T-Mobile’s network. This way you can be assured that the person has been verified and the ID isn’t trying to scam you.

T-Mobile is working at a very fast pace to ensure that this feature rolls out to more and more devices on their network but certain software restrictions are what is holding them back. They plan to expand this feature exponentially to reduce the number of scammers by a good margin. Currently, there is no word on support for iOS devices or if this feature will be implemented on them at all.

If any other carrier uses the SHAKEN or STIRRED protocol interface then this feature will also verify the integrity of that call. T-Mobile is proactively trying to reduce spam calls and the number of scams so they also offer other spam fighting tools which include Scam ID, Scam Block, and Name ID which is a premium application.

How you Protect yourself from falling prey to scams

If you aren’t a T-Mobile user and you still want to know who is calling you and whether or not they are verified what you can do is use these tools which I am listing out to verify the authenticity of the person calling you.

1. National Cellular Directory

National Cellular Directory holds a large database of essentially everyone under the sun. it offers functionality such as reverse call lookup, person lookup etc. If you wish to look up a phone number all you have to do is input the number and let National Cellular Directory work its magic. It will provide you with a report of the name of the person, any associated addresses, social media profile links, and even any family links if they have that data.

You can also look up anyone with just their name and state and you are likely to find the contact information about the person. If you are hiring someone for any job you can get a background report with detailed information on the person as well.

By using national cellular directory you can ensure that you don’t fall prey to common scams and you can avoid being prey to elaborate scams.

2. Third party call management solution

Many third party solutions exist in the market to help you stay safe from scams, some of these solutions include the likes of –

  1. Truecaller

    Truecaller is a call management solution which allows you to look up phone numbers, recognize unknown numbers (provided you have an internet connection active), activate anti spam filters and even block calls and messages from a particular number,

    When you sign up for Truecaller don’t forget to take a look at their terms of service and their privacy agreement as they are quite intrusive and privacy invading in nature. In this digital world, the price we pay to get free service is giving up control over our personal data.

    The app is also a little bit too resource intensive but works very well on any device made after 2016, if you have an older device you may wish to take a look at the other options.

  2. Showcaller

    Similar to Truecaller Showcaller also offers you the functionality to look up phone numbers, block unknown calls and display an ID for an unknown number. The best part about Showcaller is that the app is extremely lightweight and comes in at only 4 MB and has the ability to work offline thanks to its offline database. You can also record calls via Showcaller if you wish. An app like Showcaller can help you conserve battery and resource which Truecaller will now allow you to do. Give Showcaller a try as it may end up giving you an upper hand in every conversation.

  3. Hiya

    The cleanest looking third party call management application on our, Hiya is the app I recommend. Hiya has the best repositories and databases which help you lookup any phone number instantly, identify unknown callers as well as block certain numbers or even whole country codes if you are being spammed from a particular country. The USP of Hiya is that it is completely advertisement free and runs efficiently on even older devices.

3. Forwarding calls to voicemail and Not Attending Calls from unknown numbers

Another workaround to avoid awkward conversations from strangers is to forward all calls to voicemails and not picking any calls unless you have their number saved on your device. This hack won’t technically save you from scams but scammers usually don’t leave voicemails and hence you will be able to stay away from scammers.

So here was our article about the new Spam protection service rolled out by T-Mobile along with a nifty guide on how to save yourself from being scammed. If you have any questions or suggestions do let us know below in the comments and we shall address them soon.  

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