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How to track down a long-lost friend

Do you still think about that cute guy that sat next to you in the maths class in that semester? Are the people in your high school yearbook just a photo and a name to you now, How can you track them down? Your long lost old friends with whom you have shared some great memories but fell out of touch. In this article, we will be taking a look at how you can track down a long lost friend and how you can get back in touch with them.

Finding people in the digital age has gotten a lot easier thanks to the power of social media. So we began our hunt with that in mind to find out if we can trace our old friend.

The most common thing anyone would do is to run a google search for their name, so we did. We got tonnes of results but most of them were irrelevant. We tried to reach out the school we attended but that was a dead end as well. We also tried to call a few numbers which would have any links with them but most of them were either disconnected or reallocated to someone else. So back to square one, we were.

With complete resolute and determination, we powered on and we finally narrowed down a few tips to help you find that long lost friend of your similar to how we found ours.

Step 1 – Gather Information

The first step is to find any and all kinds of information you can, old yearbooks, any emails you may have exchanged, a letter with a return address, anything which may be able to help you.

Step 2 – Run a Google Search

If your friend had a spark in them back in the school days it is highly possible they may have made it big and news outlets would definitely want to cover something like it.

Maybe they got featured in a publication or are an executive in a big company now, these kinds of things almost always get indexed by Google. Run a quick google search with their name, if nothing comes up try adding any middle names or initial you may remember. If the results are still unimpressive then try adding the hometown or the town where they live in the result which should find you something.

If they had a common name or surname try adding an activity you recall them being involved in like soccer or snooker etc.

Step 3 – Search the Social Media Channels

In the digital day and age, everyone is connected, start by searching the friend list of your old friends who would also happen to know the person you seek. If that takes you nowhere try running a general search on facebook for the person and add in any information like where they live or would have lived in the past and what they do to the search query. This will help narrow down the potentials.

You can also search on Twitter or Instagram but chances of finding someone there are generally lower. Don’t forget to take a look at LinkedIn as most people in America are active on LinkedIn.

If nothing works, try telling your story through a social media post and ask people to share it. This shall help find you the person you seek, with the power of the internet I believe you will definitely find them.

Step 4 – Search National Cellular Directory

National Cellular Directory contains a large database of people who you can search for if you have their first and last name. If you have a contact number you can also look it up using the reverse cell phone lookup feature offered by national cellular directory.

National Cellular Directory can offer you reports which contain the full name, any contact numbers which may be available, current address as well as past addresses, any family members which may be connected to them etc. All the searches are completely confidential and the people you search for will not be notified in any way.

Step 5 – Dig Deeper and Go Offline

If you find any addresses or contact details for the siblings of the person you are searching for then go offline and reach out to them via a physical letter. If you find a contact number give them a call and see if that gets you anywhere.

If you get any kind of information like the names of their children, write it down and search for them as they may be active on social platforms and may be able to help you get in touch with their parents.

Step 6 – Do a reverse image search

Google Images offer you the ability to do a reverse search with the help of an image. Click an image and run it through Google to see if you find any kind of result for them, this method may or may not work for you depending on how old the image you are trying to search for is.

Step 7 – Do an online Orbituary search

I pray that the person whom you seek is alive and well but we can’t be certain of that, So, run an online search for any obituaries. Websites like and offer you the ability to look up obituaries from local news sources by putting in a name and any location data you may have available.

We hope you find the person you were looking for by following these steps above. if you have any more questions about the process then don’t hesitate to reach out to us and we shall definitely try to help you. If you were wondering if we have found people by following this guide then rest assured because I have personally found a few old friends using the steps outlined above.   

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