How to enjoy the Monty Python’s Entire Catalog abroad When Travelling

“The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page.” We all know how much fun travel can be and how important travel is for humans, it allows us to grow, to face our fears and to overcome them and yet we often times restrict ourselves in our comfort zone. One fear a lot of us have is that we won’t be able to watch our beloved Monty python on Netflix abroad but worry not because I am here today to tell you how you can enjoy the entire catalog of Monty python even when traveling abroad so that you can go peacefully take that month long trip to Thailand or that retreat in India.

The best way to Unblock US Netflix is to use a VPN but before we get started with that let us take a look at what a VPN is, What it does and why you can’t access certain shows or movies when you are out of your home region.

While Netflix magically works almost everywhere you may soon realize that it lacks a good chunk of its original US catalog when you go to a different country. This is due to various copyright and licensing issues and hence every country has a different catalog. To counter this issue you can use a VPN and mask your incoming connection to Netflix’s services to trick Netflix into thinking that you are using Netflix from the US itself.

A virtual private network or VPN as it is commonly referred is a connection method which tunnels your data packet and requests via its own servers situated in multiple different countries, it can mask your IP address to mask and change the incoming connection request and essentially spoofs your location. This can be very useful in countries that block all kinds of data or block access to certain websites, countries like North Korea and China are notorious for blocking access. In our case we only want the Netflix servers to think we are accessing the catalog from the USA whereas, in reality, you may be anywhere in the whole world.

Did you Know?

  1. If you access Netflix from a country outside of the USA you will get only about 40% of the total Netflix catalog. You may lose on a lot of shows including Monty Python.

  2. When you travel, you are only served the catalog of the country you are visiting.

  3. You may be blocked from watching foreign content if you leave your home region     

How to choose a VPN

So now that you know a bit more about VPNs and some interesting facts, let us take a look at how you can choose a good VPN and what are some things to keep in mind while choosing a VPN.

  1. Server Network

    While selecting a VPN, ensure it has a vast network of servers located in multiple countries across the world and especially in the United States.

  2. Bandwidth Caps

    Netflix eats up a lot of bandwidth, this is common knowledge. Make sure the VPN you choose doesn’t have any kind of caps on the bandwidth usage.

  3. Masking Expert

    If VPNs are smart, Netflix is smarter. Netflix is coming up with new ways to patch certain incoming spoofed requests and to ensure you can conveniently watch Monty Python make sure the VPN you choose is good at masking data.

  4. Reliability

    If your VPN faces server downtimes often you won’t be able to reliably enjoy your shows so ensure that the VPN you choose works reliably, always.  

  5. Commitment to customer support and service

    If you face any problems you would want to get in touch with the customer support team and you don’t want to be connected to someone in a underdeveloped country who doesn’t even understand your problem. Ensure that the VPN provider you choose has a good customer support network.

  6. Free Usage Trial or Money Back Gaurentee

    You don’t want to be stuck with a bad VPN or be forced to pay money multiple times just for a VPN so before you get a subscription do ensure that the VPN has a free trial or a money back guarantee

  7. Ability to get through Netflix Firewalls.

    Not all VPNs are created equal, before committing anything make sure that your VPN will be able to get through to Netflix, today, tomorrow and throughout. Many VPNs can get you through today but think about the future when you get a VPN.

How to access Netflix with VPN

Now that you have a good VPN to hide your rear side from Netflix, let us take a look at how you should access Netflix using the aforementioned VPN.  

  1. Purchase a Netflix subscription if you don’t have one yet (How did you end up here without one?)
  2. Now go to and check what location it shows
  3. Go back and connect to the VPN you got. Select USA as the server location.
  4. Go back to to verify if your VPN works
  5. Once you verify that your VPN works just visit Netflix and surf as you normally would.

Should you get a free VPN?

Technically you could, a free VPN isn’t much different than a paid one but as you may have heard, you get what you pay for. Free VPNs, while seeming like a great option, do quite a bit of harm, not physically but digitally. A free VPN may track all your online activity and sell your data to third parties, may leak your IP addresses or even rat you out to the government. So I’d recommend steering clear of them.

Now that you know how you can enjoy the entire catalog of Monty Python while you travel abroad go out there and push your boundaries, get out of the comfort zone because life begins where your comfort zone ends. Do let us know below in the comment if you know any other way to watch the US catalog of Netflix while traveling abroad.  

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