Who Is Yash A Khatri?

I help businesses save time, achieve success, and reach key business goals quickly.

As a marketer, freelance SEO writer, project manager, and management generalist, I have the ability to positively impact your business by creating holistic brands, marketing assets, and strategies.

I enjoy educating my audience and readers through my marketing and content so they can make well-informed decisions. That’s why I have an affinity for EdTech, Learning & Education, Development & Growth, and Media.

As a 28x Certified Marketer, I excel at working between the intersection of business and media. I enjoy building brands customers love by enhancing user experiences. Establish yourself as the go-to solutions provider by developing a recognizable unique brand identity and narrative with my help.

As a manager, getting things done is my forte. SEO, Content Marketing, Paid Ads, Search Ads, Reputation Management, Emails, Social Media, you say it and I can get it done!

Managing marketing projects and improving search rankings and driving qualified traffic to your website by building digital assets like – blogs, website copies, digital marketing strategies is what I do best. Want to convert your website visitors to loyal brand advocates? Hire me to help you.

Professional Skills

Content Marketing
Digital Marketing Strategy
Project Management + MS Office
Marketing Management
Branding + Canva

In my free time, you can usually find me reading books, learning something new, or playing video games or board games. I enjoy my fair share of Monopoly, Uno, FIFA, and GTA! 

My team members consider me to be dependable, resourceful, organized, and goal-oriented. Clear communication is at the core of all my relationships which allows me to build strong, transparent relationships that tend to last a lifetime.

I’ve had a fruitful career throughout my life. Contributing to the success of multiple projects in vastly different industries has allowed me to gain considerable experience which is easily transferable to any new challenge I take on. My current aim is to complete formal education in project management and product management so I can be even more efficient at my tasks, strategies, and plans.


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Experience is the teacher of all things. Over the years, I have successfully managed various initiatives for small and large businesses alike as a project manager, a product owner, a marketer & marketing manager, and as the head of digital initiatives

Content Writing 101


Content Writing 101

Content Writing 101,  provides a platform for writers to learn and earn.

Acting both as a project manager and a product owner, I oversee the overall business operations.

Primary Responsibilities –

  1. Leading and managing the product development teams to create a strong end product
  2. Providing vision and direction for agile product development
  3. Managing day-to-day tasks, the team, and stakeholders throughout the business lifecycle
  4. Planning and prioritizing product feature backlog for swift development of the product
  5. Spearheading the planning of product release plans and setting the expectation for delivery of new functionalities
  6. Coordinating development activities across teams
  7. Scheduling and leading meetings to identify issues and fixes for projects
  8. Assisting in the recruitment of key personnel
GrowBizx Yash A Khatri

Marketing Consultant


As a Marketing Consultant, I helped clients build recognizable brands with the help of traditional and digital marketing techniques by managing a team of junior marketers and delivering end-to-end marketing and growth solutions to our customers.

Key Responsibilities –

  1. Identifying the best marketing strategies for businesses.
  2. Evaluating the target customer profile to identify the best channels that would provide the greatest opportunities for customer engagement.
  3. Assessing clients’ current marketing strategies and offering suggestions for user experience improvement in areas as diverse as ATL, OOH, content, SEO, social media, email marketing, digital advertising, and website design.
  4. Discovering new ways for businesses to engage with existing customers and attract new ones by evaluating the current marketing strategy.
  5. Developing suitable marketing strategies based on clients’ business models.
  6. Working with clients to create, launch, and promote new websites, applications, and businesses.
  7. Allocating budgets to various marketing techniques based on client’s marketing budgets.
  8. Developing marketing campaigns to improve the brand of the company, increase engagement, and encourage communications.
  9. Coordinating content development for various platforms, including landing pages, websites, and blogs.
  10. Helping improve businesses’ online ranking by adding keywords, analyzing and optimizing web pages, implementing a content development strategy for websites and blogs, and developing the overall digital brand.
  11. Leading team of junior digital marketers to achieve organizational goals 
  12. Managing end to end delivery of projects
Yash A Khatri Book A Workshop

Head Of Digital Initatives

Book A Workshop

As the head of digital initiatives, I successfully project managed online campaigns and marketing initiatives to ensure product development and brand growth.

Duties and responsibilities –

  1. Developed and executed marketing strategies to drive revenue and audience growth
  2. Led the digital initiatives, SEO, and online advertising departments
  3. Optimized website content to ensure maximum search engine visibility
  4. Developed, implemented, and managed the company’s digital marketing strategy while measuring the success via analytics, insights, and ad managers
  5. Administered online marketing campaigns and determined the appropriate budget for Facebook ads, Google ads, and Instagram ads.
  6. Researched latest best practices along with current trends, and implemented them to ensure growth
  7. Monitored user engagement and developed website optimization strategies
  8. Worked towards improving the search results by implementing a robust SEO strategy, PR and outreach strategy, etc
  9. Spearheaded team of writers to ensure content is informative, appealing, and follows the set brand language
  10. Assisted in planning and development of the Workshop on Demand series
  11. Increased organic search traffic on the website by over 200% by building a robust online brand presence
  12. Played an integral part in conducting India’s 1st ever VR-powered TEDx for TEDxSereneMeadows in collaboration with Book A Workshop
  13. Worked with various teams to ensure user experience enhancements
  14. Helped improve the user experience by contributing towards improvements in the technology stack
Yash A Khatri Lido Learning

Assistant Marketing Manager

Lido Learning

As the assistant marketing manager at LiDO, my role was to assist the marketing department to achieve business goals on time and under budget.

Project – Race to Space

Primary Responsibilities –

  1. Assisting in the development and execution of marketing campaigns across the region
  2. Supporting the development of long-term strategic relationships and partnering with key agencies and vendors
  3. Creating brand awareness via BTL marketing and advertising
  4. Training and managing a team of junior personnel who assist in the execution of various BTL campaigns
  5. Working with external partners and agencies to ensure efficiency across BTL campaigns.
  6. Spearheading the creation and deployment of management information systems (MIS)
  7. Managing day-to-day marketing operation
  8. Managing vendor relations
  9. Conducting extensive market research and analysis
  10. Managing logistical arrangements for people and materials
GrowBizx Yash A Khatri

Assistant Marketing Manager


As the assistant marketing manager, my role was to oversee overall marketing operations and assist the team in achieving business goals on time and under budget.

Key Responsibilities –

  1. Worked with key stakeholders and executives to create and establish a unique marketing strategy for the business.
  2. Managed and deployed successful marketing campaigns from ideation to execution to generate qualified business for clients
  3. Collaborated with a variety of marketers working on organic and paid acquisition channels like content creation, SEO, pay per click (PPC), events, PR & publicity, social media, CRO, Email marketing, Facebook ads, Google ads, etc.
  4. Produced and coordinated the production of valuable and engaging content for websites, landing pages, and blogs to attract and convert target inbound traffic
  5. Built strategic relationships and partnerships with important industry players, agencies, and vendors
  6. Supervised and recommended the development of marketing materials, including brochures, videos, and other marketing collaterals
  7. Measured and reported on the performance of marketing campaigns to provide insights to stakeholders
  8. Suggested events to attend, such as trade shows and conferences
GrowBizx Yash A Khatri

Digital Marketing Intern


As a digital marketing intern, I learned digital marketing and carried out various activities to help the brand and its customers.

Key Responsibilities-

  1. Supported the digital marketing team
  2. Assisted the social media team and developed campaigns
  3. Assisted in developing email marketing campaigns
  4. Helped improve Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  5. Spearheaded production of website and social media content
  6. Complete ad hoc administrative tasks

Undertaken and completed the project for partial fulfillment of Master’s degree in Business Administration: Impact of Digital Marketing (Special Reference to Online Marketing) on Consumers

Throughout the project, I learned how Digital Marketing impacts consumers, their buying behaviors, and purchase decisions through each step of the 5 step decision-making process.

GrowBizx Yash A Khatri

Digital Marketing Executive


As a digital marketing executive, I got the opportunity to work on various projects for clients across domains.

Key Responsibilities-

  1. Developed, planned, and implemented the overall digital marketing strategy for clients
  2. Provided assistance with developing new strategies to foster a lasting digital relationship with consumers
  3. Established client’s presence on social media (Twitter, Facebook, etc.) and monitored it frequently
  4. Launched and optimized online ads through Google Adwords, Facebook, etc. to increase business and brand awareness
  5. Participated actively in SEO efforts (keywords, user experience, image optimization, etc.).
  6. Provided creative ideas for content marketing & PR
  7. Collaborated with designers to improve user experience
  8. Used Web analytics tools (Google Analytics) to measure the effectiveness of digital marketing campaigns
  9. Developed and maintain partnerships with media agencies and vendors
  10. Managed project delivery schedules and ensured on-time delivery to clients

Project – LateralT Business Solutions

  • Increased leads from online channels by optimizing LinkedIn profile
  • Developed and optimized the GMB profile to increase local brand recognition
  • Helped boost overall sales through brand building


I firmly believe that the learning process continues until the day you die. Education is one of the most powerful things in life. It allows us to find the meaning behind everything and helps improve lives in a massive way.

Project Management: Professional Certificate

Google - Powered By Coursera

Project managers are natural problem-solvers. They set the plan and guide teammates, and manage changes, risks, and stakeholders.

Learning the foundations of Agile project management, with a focus on Scrum. 

Bachelor Of Business Administration : BBA - Marketing Management

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Major in Business Management and Minor In Marketing.

My time at the institute taught me the importance of marketing strategies and how to build a sustainable, saleable and profitable business. 

Master Of Business Administration : MBA - Marketing

Savitribai Phule Pune University

Major in Marketing and Minor In Digital Marketing.

My time at the institute taught me the important of unified brand building, uses of marketing strategies and how to build a sustainable and profitable business. 

Certification Course In Entrepreneurship Development

Gokhale Education Society

My time at the institute taught me the importance of developing an entrepreneurial spirit and a zeal to succeed in this highly competitive world. 

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